Night Pong is a graphic cultural history project by Minh Nguyen and Aashish Gadani

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Influential Women in Early Electronic Music
It may seem like women are starting to break into electronic music now, but there have always been women bending circuits, splicing tapes and creating new universes of sound on synthesizers. We highlight some of our favorite torchbearers who were there from the dawning of the electronic music genre, such as Delia Derbyshire (most famous for her work on the Doctor Who theme song). Then we get into artists who broke ground using later-developed innovative software, such as Pamela Z, a composer best known for voice electronic processing. The zine comes with a mix CD of a selection of songs from the featured artists, as well as a large sticker.

A Brief Foray Into Japanese Psych Music
This limited edition, 24-page, full-color zine covers some of the many bands to be part of the Japanese psychedelic music movement. Giving attention to such bands as the Mops, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and Acid Mothers Temple, we provide a small sampling of some bands that were seminal to this scene. In this zine you will also find some interesting facts about the artists (like that Merzbow became an animal rights activist after raising his own bantam chickens!) This zine comes with an eclectic mix cd of some of our favorite Japanese psych tracks, from the loungy ambient vibes of Susumu Yokota to the downtempo drone sounds of Taj Mahal Travellers.

Asian Avant Garde: Performance Artists
The first of our Asian Avant Garde Art series, this zine focuses on Performance. In this issue we pay tribute to Asian avant-garde artists who have pushed some serious boundaries and have taken large risks for their work. Their work, controversial and challenging, conveys for us the complicated personal and societal tensions we experience that words only go so far to explain. The zine dives into the art practices of artists and collectives from India, China and Japan, such as the expansive and interdisciplinary work from members of the Beijing East Village, the immersive performances of Bhupen Khakhar, and of course the groundbreaking experiments by Yoko Ono.