Some essays:

A Relation to Infinity (Passe-Avant)
Letter to Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi part two

The Pang of Cosmic Lost-ness (AQNB)
Letter to Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi part one

Taking Our Time // For An Overthrow of Horology (THE SEEN)
On slow cinema

Some art reviews:

Silver Moon or Golden Star, Which Will You Buy of Me? (ArtAsiaPacific)
On Samson Young's exhibition at Smart Museum

Is the Chicago Architecture Biennial's Radical Message Compromised by Big Oil? (Frieze)
On Chicago Architecture Biennial, at Chicago Cultural Center

Liza Sylvestre's Ideal Museum Engages All the Senses - Not Just Sight (Artnews)
On Liza Sylvestre

Critics' Pick: "In the Shadow of the Future" (Artforum)
On Huong Ngo's In the Shadow of the Future, at 4th Ward Project Space

In This Mess Together: Interspecies Entanglements (Artnews)
On Between Bodies, at Henry Art Gallery

Tannaz Farsi's Agents of Dispersal (Art Practical)
On Tannaz Farsi's art practice

Incantations for Troubled Land (Art Practical)
On Demian DinéYazhi´’s Galéé Sin, at Henry Art Gallery

Testing Trust (Art in America)
On Portland Institute of Contemporary Art's TBA:17 Festival

Casino: A Palimpsest (Art in America)
On Storme Webber's Casino: A Palimpsest, at Frye Art Museum

A Chair, Yet So Much More (Seattle Weekly)
On Amie Siegel's Interiors, at Frye Art Museum

An Elegant Utility's Radical Interdependency (Seattle Weekly)
On Inye Wokoma's An Elegant Utlity, at Northwest African American Museum

"Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Unpaid Reproductive Labor (Seattle Weekly)
On from which we rise, curated by Satpreet Kahlon, at The Alice Gallery

Dipping Into the Love and Fear of Aquascapes (Seattle Weekly)
On Dakota Gearhart's Tank Hypnosis, at Glassbox Gallery

Townhouse of Horror (Seattle Weekly)
On Alex Boeschenstein, Max Cleary, and Jackson Baker Ryan's Cache, at Gallery4Culture

Illegibility, Friendship, and Other Havens (AQNB)
On Syllogy, curated by manuel arturo abreu, at Veronica Project Space

Breaking Up With The U.S.A. (Seattle Weekly)
On CUSTOMS organizer Allen Huang